Online Marketing Analytics

WEB Analytics Configuration & Audit

A proper analytics set-up often determines whether an SEM campaign is successful or not. Google Analytics keeps developing and getting updated and it is important to stay up-to-date in order to utilize the software to full extent. Whether it is a blog or an e-commerce website, analytics play a crucial role in defining how to achieve your business goals. So I do both – configure an existing analytics account correctly or set up a new one for you and do its audit.

And as much as I am passionate about analytics, I am more about my clients. I take care of the complicated part and not swamp you with information in alien language, rather provide you with results in a clear manner which is easy to grasp.

Conversion Optimization & Tracking

By using sophisticated conversion tracking and optimization techniques, I help my clients deliver better user experience to the web visitors which in turn increases conversion rates. Listed here are the few steps that are part of the process:

  • Identify the areas to focus on in order to optimize user experience with simple metrics
  • Identify core audience groups and better understand them
  • Identify where the core audiences come from and how to utilize those with channel-specific strategies accordingly
  • Identify and optimize sub-optimal pages on the website
  • Design a user behavior flow that facilitates conversion
  • If you think this would help increase your conversion rates, you’re right.

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    Heat Maps

    My clients who are not quite used to analyzing large amount of statistical data, I provide them with Heatmaps for their website performance which is a better visual report to analyze at a glance than a standard analytical report.

    Heatmaps lets you see how ‘popular’ the elements on a certain page are – what users are clicking on and interacting with the most. It is particularly useful for comparing elements that are given similar prominence on the page. If this is something you could use, I am here to help.


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