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AMP Website Development Dubai | Elroy

We work with businesses that are both leaders in their respective industries and those that are looking to build their reputation to ensure that they’ve found in the Google results pages. The new AMP pages are now shown on content-related queries above the normal blue link listings, underlining the importance of having these available on your site.

Our web developers take your current content and turn it into lightning-fast, accessible content which both Google and your audience will be enticed to see. Our team at Digi Hilldu will advise, plan, and execute a strategy to make your website run faster and benefit from increased traffic from search engines.


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    Website Maintenance

    Website Maintenance Services Dubai | Elroy

    Under our maintenance and support packages, your website remains at peak performance. We make sure your site is running at optimal performance and match your website hosting, backups, security, and CMS updates accordingly. Our comprehensive list of features cater to sites of all scales and complexities and we are more than happy to offer guidance as to which service is best suited to your website:

    • Content management system (CMS) updates
    • Content modifications
    • Website backups
    • Web application & website hosting

    Why Does Your Firm Need Website Maintenance?

    Your website has the same meaning, if not more, as your physical location in the modern digital landscape.

    It has the power to make or break your brand as it is a point of contact between your brand and your customers.

    You need to maintain, upgrade and optimize your website regularly to retain customers, grow new ones, promote your brand and build it’s value.

    We understand the role a website can play in a brand’s growth as a leading Dubai-based web design and development agency working with national and international companies.

    What is website maintenance?

    Site support is the demonstration of routinely checking your site for issues and keeping it refreshed and pertinent. Your website needs to be kept sound, support should be proceeded with traffic development and should improve your SEO and Google rankings.

    It is essential for large and small businesses in Dubai to maintain a well maintained and attractive website in order to engage and retain customers.

    For businesses, particularly start-ups, it’s easy to cut corners and let some tasks slide. Maintenance of the website can quickly become one of those issues because it does not always pose immediate problems.

    Like your health, though, if you go too long without a regular check-up, your website’s health will fall apart.

    To keep your business running smoothly, daily monitoring of your website is a must.

    Expo 2020

    Every SME in the world and global corporations have fixed their eyes on the upcoming Dubai 2020 World Expo.

    The expo is expected to increase national GDP by 5.5 percent, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Dubai Expo 2020 is projected to host more than 25 million visitors during its 6-month venture, according to Arabian Business. It was predicted that more than 70% of these tourists will come from 170 countries across the planet.

    This is the best time to put forward to showcase a brilliant website to enhance your business development and lead generation activities. Thus maintaining a good website is important for your business.

    A checklist for website maintenance 

    A list of activities to keep the website running smoothly should be completed. The website security updates and fixes are the most time-sensitive of these. Without these, your website may be a real danger to those who click on it.

    With this in mind, here is a list of website maintenance tasks to be completed on a regular basis:

    To be done every week

    1. Check that all the pages are error-free
    2. Run a backup to make sure your site’s previous version is saved
    3. Update apps and plugins on the website
    4. Remove any spam comments from sites and articles
    5. Review your pages to see if any of them are broken
    6. Search and fix 404 errors
    7. To keep your community engaged and encourage SEO traffic, write one or more blog posts

    To be completed every month

    1. Check your website’s load speed and make sure nothing is slowing it down
    2. Regular security scans are necessary
    3. Analyze the results of the previous month’s website performance
    4. Check your blog to see if posts can be changed
    5. Use social bookmarking to spread the word on social media and use it to reach a wider audience. This allows your brand to be recognized
    6. Always do a competitor analysis. It will help you understand better what works and what is useful in terms of the market.

    To be completed every quarter

    1. Review the design and structure of your website – can it be improved?
    2. Review photos and graphics – something should be updated?
    3. Study SEO, titles and Meta titles to ensure maximum performance
    4. Testing and modifying popups, forms, and call to actions
    5. Check the quality of your tasks to see if anything can be automated
    6. Study strategies for advertising and marketing to see if anything needs to be changed or updated.
    7. Restore an earlier version of the website to evaluate the health of your backup

    To be achieved every year

    1. Review each page for accuracy of content, grammar, types, and relevance
    2. Check all active email addresses and see if any of them are unnecessary and can be deleted
    3. Ensure that your domain name on the website is updated
    4. Consider whether an update to the website design is needed
    5. Read all of your recent blog posts and see if new content can be updated

    A proper maintenance plan for the website is an on-going process

    A regular task for your company should be website maintenance. If not implemented properly can cause serious problems and failures to your business.

    It takes experience and coordination to stay on top of your website’s health.

    Every year, website sizes are increasing with the introduction of new tools to make website building easier. While adding pages to most websites is easy, keeping all of your pages in good condition is not simple.

    All that to say: keep up the maintenance of your website.

    Why is it important to maintain the website?

    Most new businesses already have a lot on their plates without thinking about their website being constantly checked in.


    The whole idea of starting a business is getting clients, customers or to build an audience. You will need to keep it regularly updated to drive traffic to your website.

    Google wants to rate websites with the most important and up-to-date information on the its result page of the search engine.

    Website maintenance is invaluable to the SEO campaign on a regular basis.

    With a lot of spam pages and links inserted by the attackers to hack your website, the content of your website can be modified. SEO spam mainly affects the small sites to use them to create spam link schemes.

    Customer Engagement

    We may even fully de-index the website if it has not been properly modified recently and if the malware has compromised it. To rank well in search results, you need to keep your website regularly updated with current content, news, keywords, and articles.

    Website maintenance is invaluable to the SEO campaign on a regular basis.


    This is the single most important reason for keeping website maintenance on your radar, particularly if your website stores customer information of any kind.

    If you are using a platform for building websites such as WordPress or Wix, you need to make sure that you install regular software updates and patches for security.

    Finding and targeting websites that have been dead for too long can be simple and enticing for hackers.

    Corporate Image

    Building a website that looks well-designed and professional is becoming more simpler. A growing number of businesses in Dubai are requesting sophisticated websites. If your website is not professional or does not fully reflect your brand, your customers will often go elsewhere.

    Your website can be a valuable service and asset if it is up-to-date and runs smoothly. It can cost you dearly if it’s not in a good state.

    Once you are behind in your maintenance needs, getting the website back to speed can be quite the task.

    Sometimes it is easier to scrap everything and rebuild from scratch if your maintenance has been ignored for too long.

    Your website is your company’s most widely viewed image. It is critical that your site is built (and updated) not only professionally, but also free of bugs, dead pages or broken links. It is also important to constantly update the UX and UI to better serve the customers based on user data and analysis.

    Keeping up with design and technology developments

    The sleeker the website is, the more potential customers will be persuaded that you are their ultimate choice. If you stay on top of the maintenance of your website, you will also have the opportunity to become an early adopter of new website technology that will help the back-end to run smoother.

    When you install regular software updates, you can take advantage of the new features that are installed along with the updates.

    You will also be able to adjust your style to keep up with the latest looks on the website. Employing a company with a sleek and updated website is far more attractive than one that seems to have an outdated website.


    Our team gives you peace of mind by periodically conducting your site’s complete data backup to ensure that if something goes wrong, it can be restored to its previous condition.

    Wasted Time and Money

    It turns into a much greater development and quality assesment (QA) effort when you fail to make updates when they become available because you need to go back and make them later.

    The developer will need to spend much more time doing the updates as the site’s effect is greater due to the increased amount of updates and improvements in the module over time.

    Due to the increased accessibility on the affected platform, more time is also required for QA. Implementing the update when it becomes available immediately gives you the latest and greatest functionality to improve the site overall.

    How much does the website maintenance cost?

    There are different cost requirements depending on what is being used for your website, the size of your audience, and how much content is being hosted. We’ve addressed the different price ranges below.

    Small Personal Blog

    Typically, a small blog does not have much traffic and has very few needs. This can be hosted at no cost whatsoever on a blogging site like Google Blogger.  You can use a platform like WordPress with low monthly costs arising from the renewal of the domain name and hosting service.

    Medium-Large Sized Blog

    If you have a blog that brings an income with an active audience, with some customizations you will probably want to be self-hosted. This will require frequent maintenance, updates, marketing, and backups, as well as a slightly higher monetary investment.

    Website of the company for marketing purposes only

    Compared to the medium-large site, with a simple design template and minimal content, this will need to be self-hosted. With frequent updates, ads and backups, it will be low maintenance.

    Large Customized e-commerce websites

    This is going to be a bigger financial investment as you need to be diligent about maintaining the website. You handle a lot of content, configuration of code, and data from customers. If you don’t have an IT manager on board, we would recommend that you consider a web maintenance plan to keep up with your website needs.

    Custom Built Web Application

    It will be your best investment in finance. Your web application has been custom-built for a specific purpose from the ground up and must always be in top-notch working condition or your business will suffer. This will probably require a dedicated development staff to keep a close eye on the maintenance.

    Site Maintenance Support Payment: Benefits

    Now that we have decided that maintaining the website is a must on any scale, it is time to discuss the benefits of using someone else to do the maintenance.

    You can take on these duties yourself, of course, but for several reasons, it will save time and stress if you get an agency to do the work.

    You may concentrate on other areas that your organisations needs to pay attention at.

    Determining whether to buy Website Maintenance Packages

    There are several factors that decide whether a website maintenance kit should be purchased.

    1. Your website’s scale
    2. Your website’s intent
    3. How much content is specific to your website?
    4. How fast is the growth of your business?
    5. How much website maintenance experience do you have?
    6. Is your website out of date at the moment?
    7. How much time do you have to dedicate to the task?

    If you have read this whole post, you have probably got a good idea if you are actually capable of maintaining your own website. If your website is simply sitting and taking up internet space, you should consider purchasing a maintenance plan for your website.

    Let us support

    We sell website maintenance packages that are reliable and affordable without long-term contracts. We provide SEO, hosting, protection, alerts, backups, support, and peace of mind.


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    All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

      What services are you interested in?

      Microsite Development

      Microsite Designers and Developers in Dubai, UAE

      A well designed, built and integrated microsite can offer a very high ROI (return on investment). It is usually independent from a company’s main existing website to serve a sole purpose and because it does not have a series of landing pages and offers a better user experience and personalization, it is more effective in achieving a specific goal.

      And even though it is independent of the primary site, it will have some distinct features of the company, such as the branding, typography, tone of vice, etc. This is the level of detail that our microsite team specializes in.


      Call Us: +971 55 414 0870 or +971 4 295 7880
      All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

        What services are you interested in?

        Web Hosting Services

        At Digi Hilldu, we’ve helped hundreds of brands thrive by managing their hosting, allowing them to focus on customer growth and create amazing digital experiences.

        Specialists 24/7
        If an issue comes up, we’re here to help. Our teams are available quickly via live chat, phone or email.

        Projects Big & Small
        From simple to complex multi-server hosting environments, we have a solution that fits your requirements.

        Trusted by Clients
        We’ve spent more than a decade fine-tuning our hosting experience to deliver the most reliable solutions for your clients.

        WordPress & Beyond
        Bring your own CMS or launch a site using WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla.

        100% Uptime SLA
        You’re protected by our 100% Network and Power Uptime guarantees, and backed by compensation for downtime.

        No I.T. Required
        We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team. You won’t need to hire a SysAdmin.


        Call Us: +971 55 414 0870 or +971 4 295 7880
        All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

          What services are you interested in?

          WordPress Website Development

          Wordpress Development Company in Dubai | Wordpress Website Development in Dubai | UAE | Elroy

          Looking to improve your website’s overall aesthetic? Generate more leads? Make it more accessible to different devices? We believe in starting every project by looking at the big picture and having a far-sighted vision. Then we use our decade long experience to systematically make great things happen for you.

          Our WordPress development team works with businesses of all sizes to improve, maintain or build new WordPress websites that help you achieve online goals. WordPress is a feature-rich and easiest platform that we use as a key component to ensure the long-term success of your website project.


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          All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

            What services are you interested in?

            Website Information Architecture

            website information architecture (IA) for website design and development in Dubai, UAE

            Information Architecture – An Introduction

            Did you know? Careful planning, SEO focused content strategy and an understanding of the power of information architecture can help you grow a new website with 0over 100,000 organic visitors per month in less than 1 year.

            The best websites are based on keen understanding of user interests, needs and expectations. If these facets are clear, then making a website’s User Experience is a cakewalk. Text placement, visuals, images, site navigation – all should work in composition to facilitate visitor’s interest and help him find information quickly and easily. Hence, the need for Information Architecture is evident with the rising need to engage a visitor and deliver him an engaging UX.

            What is Information Architecture? 

            Information Architecture (IA) is the structure of your website. A website is based on the links. Each topic has a certain link to another topic, and these links address what the users want from a particular website. Having Information Architecture of a website in place addresses two concerns – a) it ensures content placement in tune with user expectations; b) it organises information in a consistent way.

            In simpler words, we may say that Information Architecture (IA) establishes the connection with which users can easily find what they are looking out for.

            An important element of website development process, Information Architecture ensures seamless web browsing by organising, structuring, and labeling content in an effective manner. The goal is to facilitate search to fulfill users’ experience, and help them complete the objective of site visit.

            Why IA Matters?

            Information Architecture matters a lot, as it digs deep into the psyche of a user, and helps them find the desired information. It also introduces a visitor to a website’s service offerings and sets the premise of what’s around in terms of information and what to expect.

            Your IA clarifies the website’s content by setting the context and implementing it in the user interface design and interaction design.

            Let’s know more about Content, Context and Users

            Content, Context and Users – the three are interdependent entities, each having a specific function to fulfil user expectations. Context here refers to the business goals, culture, technology, resources belonging to an organisation.

            Content features inclusion of content objectives, data and volume in a website. Users here refer to the audience, and their curious needs. Their need for information and knowledge is the basic premise why we need content and context for the website.

            Having these three elements clear before building a website holds the key to a successful web design. Not only that, it even refines the User Experience and engages the user intuitively.

            At Red Berries, we put our brains into the development of a website. The main aim is to build websites that fulfil goals and enriches a user experience.

            So, have you maximised your website’s potentials with Information Architecture?


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            All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

              What services are you interested in?

              Web Accessibility

              Ensure Accessibility Implementation for Favourable Web Experiences

              ‘Internet accessibility for all’ is not a visionary dream of some internet stalwarts, but a growing demand of internet users. If you think that a standard website can fulfill the expectations of all, then one needs to have a reality check. The disabilities like inability to read illegible fonts on website, non-provision of needs of deaf and dumb individuals is the reason why internet is still not accessible to all.

              As a large organisation like a university, business, brand or government agencies, it is fundamental need to make your website accessible for all. This calls for accessibility implementation during website’s development process to build pleasant experiences for the users.

              What is Web Accessibility?

              Web accessibility is the methodology with which designers build websites for the convenient browsing of people with disabilities. Its relevance lies in the fact that the world is waking up to the importance of web accessibility. Individuals, irrespective of their background, or countries have the basic right to have unprecedented access to information and connectivity. The initiative calls digital agencies and website developers to work removing barriers that hamper accessing a website.

              Why Red Berries supports Web Accessibility?

              As an advocate of best internet practices, Red Berries always implements web accessibility during its website development assignments. The inclusion of legible fonts, video transcripts, usability of web designs and seamless content placement are a part of accessibility implementation in UAE. This exercise brings multiple advantages in the form of intuitive web experience that boosts innovation and contributes to the betterment of web design.

              Our team of web designers at Red Berries invests a lot of their brains to the accomplishment of website’s accessibility. The initiative also includes browser compatibility over multiple browsers, accessibility on various mobile devices, higher search engine visibility, fast content loading, etc.

              Derive the Benefits of Accessibility Implementation for your website!


              Call Us: +971 55 414 0870 or +971 4 295 7880
              All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

                What services are you interested in?

                Browser Compatibility

                Browser Compatibility in Dubai. How essential it is in Web Design?

                What is Browser Compatibility?
                Most users are turned away from the site if it fails to load on their browser properly. If the bounce rate of your website is between 50-70%, then there is a need to check Browser Compatibility. This function enables the capability/flexibility of a website, script, or HTML design or web applications to function with the same ease on different browsers.

                Why Browser Compatibility?

                Because everybody doesn’t use Google Chrome for searching. Some use Mozilla Firefox, others may use Bing, Opera, and the options are many. Each browser has its own set of loyal users. As a website owner/marketer, it’s your responsibility to design a website that offers a similar experience, even if browsed from any browser.

                How to Achieve Browser Compatibility?

                Once the website’s navigation is set, and content is plugged in, don’t rush towards a website’s launch. Ask the website development UAE team to test the website on different platforms to ensure swift navigation across all browsers.

                Test website on different browsers

                At Digi Hilldu, our main aim is to facilitate seamless digital experience. Here comes the expertise of our diligent web designers and software testers who make sure every website we deliver matches the perfect UAE market standards. We have our procedures to make sure browser compatibility in UAE’s every website is achieved and fluid experiences are designed for digital success.

                Marketers here know that website development is the foundation of digital success. And they leave no stone unturned to create a website that fulfills user’s expectations and brings in ROI conversions.

                What’s more than Browser Compatibility at Digi Hilldu?

                Keeping up with the surge of traffic from multiple hand-held devices, Digi Hilldu designs intuitive web experiences. In addition to browser compatibility, this includes the creation of mobile-friendly websites,

                Take the first step to digital success with fluidity via responsive websites.


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                All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

                  What services are you interested in?

                  E – Commerce Websites

                  ecommerce Website Development Dubai, UAE | Elroy

                  Explore Possibilities of E-commerce Websites in Dubai, UAE.

                  In Dubai, the success of E-commerce websites has taken the internet by storm. Many are fascinated with the working of this business model and wish to replicate the same success for their brands in Dubai. But, is that an easy task! Seems so, but the reality is different. Amid the glamour of e-commerce website and its bountiful returns, many marketers forget that getting an e-commerce website ready is a mammoth task itself. There are a lot of complexities involved in initiating and maintaining an e-commerce website. We are saying this to clear the myths and prepare the future marketers for an e-commerce business venture.

                  Well, the world knows that owning an e-commerce website makes a brand visible worldwide. The geographical barriers seem to converge over this business model. That’s the beauty of online commerce where despite any physical location; one can perform a transaction and contribute to online conversions.

                  Why E-commerce in UAE?

                  All this is accredited to the power that lies in our hands – smartphone. This 5-inch device has answer to every problem, and offers users a product for every need. The excessive use of smartphones in the comfort of the user is the prime reason why e-commerce model is booming in Dubai and in the Middle East. People can browse the online shopping options and initiate the purchase without any hassle.

                  This has enabled e-commerce industry to target such prospects via search engines. Geographical targeting works wonders for such a business model in Dubai. E-commerce in UAE is such a brimming business model that every marketer wishes to replicate the success. To begin with, one needs a website to increase the visibility within the targeted locations in and around UAE and the GCC. The ability to rank in search engines in UAE is the key to succeed in the targeted markets. Potential customers who haven’t heard of your brand can find you online and drive in sales. E-commerce website in Dubai enables you to get found by the user and sell your products to them directly over internet.

                  How to make e-commerce website in UAE work?

                  Collecting leads online is an effective method for conversions and an essential part of Digital marketing in Dubai. Here comes the inevitable importance of Email marketing that increases the ability to achieve email transactions and re-engage prospective customers. It involves a continuous exercise to synchronise content strategy with various modes to achieve the desired call to action, i.e. online sales.

                  How we nail the Business of E-commerce in UAE?

                  At Digi Hilldu, we have designed numerous e-commerce websites in UAE that are not just seamless in functionality, but also assure impressive returns to brand marketers. We don’t just design the e-commerce websites in Dubai, but we also make sure they turn up into profitable ventures. With our marketing expertise, we help our clients climb the difficult e-commerce marketing terrain and achieve the pinnacle of success. Our digital marketing solutions in sync with content strategy and email marketing help such brands increase visibility and strong foothold in UAE markets. Plus, our expertise in devising and planning campaigns brings bountiful returns in the form of a successful e-commerce website.


                  Know how to fascinate customer to hit ‘Check-out’ on an e-commerce website!


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                  All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

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                    Responsive Website

                    Responsive Web Design Dubai | Elroy

                    What is a Responsive Website?

                    A responsive website is the need of the current web arena in Dubai, UAE, or any other part of the globe. With the emergence of multiple devices, it has become essential for a website to address user expectations in a seamless manner. With the advancement of innovation, web fashioners have created a system to design for a wide range of sizes of screens without making separate applications for different screens. In plain English, this implies a great many people are presently utilizing their cell phones and tablets to research items and discover nearby organizations. Organizations like yours. Responsive web design is not only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images, but rather about a whole new way of thinking about design. For this reason, only, Responsive Websites are in trend to reach the customers and give them a desirable UX.

                    How Responsive Websites Work?

                    The content in the form of images, text, and webpage layout is adjusted across a wide range of devices (PC, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Ipad, etc) in a responsive website. Minimum elements like resizing, panning, and scrolling are used to provide easy reading and fluid navigation for the user. This includes single scroll websites and mobile friendly websites.

                    Why we need Responsive Website Design in Dubai?

                    Responsive websites in Dubai have now become quite relevant these days as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of the total internet traffic. In fact, Google’sMobilegeddonupdate has improved the search engine ratings of websites that are mobile-friendly. So, it is quite obvious that a responsive website brings with it SEO benefits too.

                    In a country like UAE where mobile is the search driver for digital marketing campaign’s success; mobile responsive websites occupy an important place in the internet marketing scenario of Dubai.

                    How we design responsive websites?

                    Over the past few years, we have attained mastery over the concept of responsive websites. Before the ‘responsive website’ fever caught the fancy of UAE markets, we at Digi Hilldu have been delivering a fantastic user interface via our responsive website solutions. From the content on display over multiple windows to the ideal navigation, we are redefining the concept of mobile responsive websites in Dubai and UAE.

                    Take the first step to digital success with fluidity via responsive websites.


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                    All queries are answered within 1 hour on working days and 3 hours on holidays.

                      What services are you interested in?