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Leverage Marketing at its Best with LinkedIn

Yes! That’s right. Of all the other digital platforms, LinkedIn offers maximum scope of PPC conversions. Faster click-through rates and streamlined targeting options – that’s LinkedIn PPC for you. Of recent, more and more marketers are realising its promising potentials to promote their products and are ready to invest in it. Because the professional networking platform simply works wonders with the ad targeting for B2B companies.

Bring in greater response to web campaigns

Since the target is streamlined as per demographical, geographical, educational, job function and a number of other categories, PPC campaigns on LinkedIn give maximum ROI on budgets. To note, CTR or Click-Through Rate on this professional platform is higher than others social ads campaigns.

Monetize LinkedIn with Targeted Reach

With the budgets and bidding, LinkedIn advertising has become one of the most sought after social ad campaign platform. The ads placed in page rail are more so used for lead generation, whereas the sponsored updates are used more for lead generation and content sharing. So, before opting for LinkedIn advertising solutions, choose wisely.

Setting-up LinkedIn PPC

This PPC platform uses the mix of display & text ads to reach audience in the quickest way possible. But getting the right messaging matters for LinkedIn PPC. Here, comes the role of a seasoned digital marketing agency that helps you make the most of dirham investment in the form of ROI. Not only do they help in identifying ad placements like user’s inbox or side / bottom of homepage, but also work a great deal in making LinkedIn PPC a success.

Ads v/s Sponsored Posts

Confused on which way to go. Then come to us. If stats are to be believed, LinkedIn ads fetch 5x more impressions and engagement than sponsored updates. But that also doesn’t write-off the potent benefits of sponsored updates. We at REDBERRIESin Dubai have a perfect solution to help you maximise monetization through our strategic creative solutions. Our strategy is to leverage maximum reach and effectiveness through promoted campaigns.

Boost your Campaign’s Effective Reachthrough LinkedIn PPC


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Social Media Management

Social Media Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Social Media Monitoring

Where is your potential customer within the customer buyer journey? Are they considering your brand or service? Are your customers loyal? Are they advocates of your brand or company? Have they changed their mind about you? These insights are crucial to understand for all lead-generating and sales-oriented brands and organizations.

Through perfect social media monitoring, I help brands build long-term relationships with their customers. By tracking past interactions between the audience and business, I evaluate the current relationship and give the digital way forward.

There are several other ways that I help brands with social listening by tracking keywords of interest to the brand and its audience and analyzing the social chatter and engagement around it as well as measuring the performance of their social properties and effectiveness of communication.

Creative Campaign

There is a lot of noise on social media and cut-throat competition, that is why I am here to ensure that your campaign stands out from the rest. I along with my team have worked on some great campaigns. To me, a campaign that evokes strong emotions, stays in our heads for days, weeks, or even months, and influence consumers to make purchasing decisions is the one that is best.

I look forward to ‘wow’ your customers with some creative, engaging and unique campaigns.

Tracking And Reporting

Transparency is important to build a great relationship that is why I provide my clients with timely reports on the performance and the impact of the social media campaigns. But the data that we collect is equally important in determining the social media strategy.

The ___ years of experience in digital has made me excel in tracking social media campaigns and brand’s performance on digital.


Most of my consultancy clients come to me for clarity in their digital marketing objectives, planning and execution followed by a strategic direction.

My __ years of experience in digital working with brands and companies of all sizes to maximize their use of digital communications has taught me a great deal and given me the exposure required. Whether you’re looking for a quick consultation on any aspect of digital marketing – from creating a Facebook ad through to a strategic sounding board, or for a certain long term project, I am here for you.


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Paid Social Media Advertisement

Paid Social Media Advertising in Dubai, UAE

Twitter Advertising

Twitter’s greatest strength is its small reach in comparison with Facebook. Because if well targeted, you can make the most of this platform by paying for the performance, targeting keywords, tailoring your audience, targeting the tweet engagers and getting the low cost per click.

Depending on what you aim to accomplish, I am here to suggest the best suited media plan and execute it for you.

Instagram Advertising

The best platform to drive brand awareness and increase customer base through visuals.

By implementing a social media strategy which utilizes Instagram advertising, I have achieved a great deal for the brands I have worked for to engage with a large audience of potential customers. And when I say engage, I mean interacting with the customer to their satisfaction.

Facebook Advertising

If there is one platform that simply cannot be ignored, that is Facebook. With over 1.49 billion users worldwide, I help you find the right audience by running cost-effective ads.

No matter what the objective, I aim to provide results that speak for itself.

LinkedIn Advertising

I have helped brands achieve their business and marketing goals through LinkedIn as it offers unique advantages over other platforms by helping reach a more professional audience, increasing conversion rate and generating relevant leads by specifically targeting the high-value prospect.

If this is something you are looking for, you are at the right place.

YouTube Advertising

According to Forbes, YouTube is the second most used online search engine. And I let the data speak for itself.

Whether it is taking your brand storytelling to a next level through video content or making the most of ultra-targeted audience, I am helping brands do that through YouTube advertising. And because transparency is important to me, my clients are provided with performance report ensuring them that their ad dollars are being used most efficiently.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat allows you to engage with your followers on a personal level and it can do a great for brands by engaging with their customers.

If Gen Z is your target audience, allow me to let your brand be seen by them and interact with them.


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