Bing & Yahoo PPC

Reach where others are not reaching through Bing Yahoo PPC

Two-thirds of search engine marketing is grabbed by Google. So, what about the remaining one-third share? Should it be ignored! Or attempts must be made to grab that share as well. If you resonate with the latter, the Bing Yahoo PPC is meant for you. A great answer to Google Adwords, these search engine platforms monetise the ways with which you can increase your product / service’s reach over every search.

Why they say Yahoo-Bing Network?

While you may think Yahoo-Bing platforms as separate entities and wonder why there’s a need to consolidate the network. The main reason is to club the benefits of both the platforms to equal the high level of traffic generated by Google Adwords. So, we may say, two for the power of one, that’s what Yahoo-Bing Network stands for.

Why Yahoo-Bing Paid Search?

Because exclusivity is the key and those who take this exclusive route earn great returns. Truly apt in the case of Yahoo-Bing search engine marketing where millions of unique searches per vertical are happening every day. On an average, these unique visitors belong to 60% of the market. Isn’t that amazing yet strange? Strange in the sense because Internet marketing being on the cusp of transformation still hasn’t fully utilised the monetisation prospects effectively. Nevertheless, still there’s a chance with which marketers can leverage an added advantage to their business via this network and gain the market share in UAE.

Assured Advantages

Digital advertising is synonymous to ROI. Marketers look out for every dirham spent, continue or pause ads based on their conversions. Needless to say, this ROI is driving marketers step out of comfort zone, spend more and gain better returns. Least hesitant than ever, they know where the maximum money lies and try to invest there to gain maximum traction. For such big spends, Yahoo-Bing network advertising can be a viable solution to gain increased conversion rates as compared to Google alone.

Say Yahoo to Bing Ads

Add excitement to your paid search marketing budgets with this consolidated search -ad network. And complete the search engine marketing Dubai efforts via augmented conversions. So, more money means more returns on search engine marketing and genuine visitor base too. You simply can’t miss the potent benefits of Yahoo-Bing guild.

Add more to existing search engine marketing via Yahoo-Bing!


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Follow the Customers Wherever they Browse Through Remarketing

Remarketing is marketing at its best. Not just because it shows up whenever the customer is browsing elsewhere around internet, but intuitively tracks user’s behaviour and inspires him to complete a transaction. When over 95% of users leave websites without converting, remarketing is the only way with which companies can reach them easily.

Remarketing For Research

A potential purchase begins in mind and ends in SALE. The distance between the both passes through various stages including searching over internet. Over the last few years, the millennial generation has evolved to the fact of researching on internet. But not all the searches result in sale. Due to time constraints and other disturbances, users tend to deviate their minds of the current searches. Remarketing or contextual ads target such users in future searches and show up to track the customer behaviour and connect with them.

Earn ‘Cookie’ Points

While Remarketing, don’t forget cookies as the innovative ad model works on placing cookies on your visitor’s device, i.e. pc, laptop, tablet or mobile. This individual cookie ID is then added to remarketing list for retargeting. Say, if a visitor viewed a page and left without completing an enquiry form, remarketing ads can be used to retarget and inspire him to complete the task.

This cookie id data can be used to enforce advertising controls like the time period for a cookie ID to stay on a remarketing list. It even includes controls like impression caps on the frequency of ads shown per day to an individual and the ability to block ads on certain websites.

Build Personal Relationships

Besides automated ads, remarketing also builds customer relationships. The cookie data of visitors and customers can be used as an opportunity to reach customers closer through refined messaging. Such a precise ad increases brand recall and makes the customers feel special in an engaging way.

Boost Ad Response

If stats are to be believed, retargeted ads can boost up response up to 400%. Owing to well defined campaign matching different stages of research, the marketers can increase their ROI and influence conversion subtly. Hit it when the iron is HOT! Same is the case with remarketed ad. Prompt Cookie Code tracking and targeting visitors through an ad within minutes paves a long way to boost ad response.

According to, three out of five US buyers notice advertisements for products they look up on other sites, and 30 percent of consumers view targeted ads positively.

Digital evangelists at REDBERRIES in Dubai understand the strategic advantages of Retargeting and enable brands in UAE utilise the tactic effectively.

Boost your Campaign’s Performance through Retargeting


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Paid Online Display Advertising

Drive relevant traffic to your websites through display ads!

Ever thought ads will pay you back. Till you came across display ads – the ads that show display your ads and pay you back in the form of assured ROI. Long said and done. Let’s demystify the most versatile form of ads in the digital world!

Display Ads – The Medium of Right’s

We present to you the most awaited reason to go digital. Ta-da for Display ads! It’s the right medium that makes your brand / product / service available at the right place in the right time. There is no magic behind it. All it takes the power of effective targeting and retargeting to make the message reach the right set of audience.

It has initiated the set of customized and localized ad trends in the media world. Needless to say, Display has also redefined the way and maximized the value of each and every Dirham.

Drive Streamlined Traffic through Display

Segmenting keywords, placement targeting, and demographic analysis – all come to measure the efficacy of display ads. Not only do they generate clicks on payment, but also reach the desired set of audiences. Two shots in one arrow!

Generating Conversions

Creating display ad that works really is a rocket science. In the base of proper design layout, sprinkle the incentivized copy and garnish it with a good value proposition. Sounds tricky mix. Worry not? REDBERRIES Digital has mastered the art of preparing awesome display ads that can help you improve customer experience and provide value to your business growth through assured traffic in UAE.

Measurable Campaign Success

Tracking metrics through analytics lets brands analyze ad campaign’s effectiveness. It is not just limited to impressions and clicks, but finding the clear picture in the form of true conversions like phone calls and form submissions. These metrics only lead the way to lead generation for business.

Click To Get The Deserving Display Ad Advantages!


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Mobile Search Advertising

Reach where maximum searches are happening!

Mobile is the place to be. Present in the hands of the always-on customers, this magical device is leading the way for brand’s growth and evolution. With 60% search volume, these devices dominate digital media time against PC.  Companies are waking up to this fact, and are readily investing

Henceforth, it is ideal for companies reach the mobile search for content / websites and advertise for maximum ROI.

Less is More

True that in case of mobile search advertising. Short, yet interesting nuggets of messaging placed in a seamless integration over a mobile device works wonders for brands and companies. Only an experienced digital agency can help brands hit the dot and gain maximum traction.

Responsive Mobile Websites

It is the crucial key to the ROI based mobile search based campaigns. If there are no responsive websites, then half of the battle is lost for mobile search success. So, before you get fascinated by the potential prospects of mobile search campaign marketing, make sure your website works well on mobile devices / tablets. This will help you serve the search traffic with a cohesive mobile web experience.

Local Search – Niche Traffic

Mobile is personal. All the locations you check-in, the dining places you visit, the hangout spots you visit – all come under the scanner of GPRS settings. Mobile search advertisers should eye this opportunity to reach these local mobile users whenever they call them through a search session. Work on accurate street address, and correct contact information so that potential customers can find you.

Get Geo-Targeting

Experienced mobile search ad professionals know how to use significant wealth of location-based data in its favour. And why not? If it brings 2X more benefits than the regular ads in terms of performance, then companies should utilize this facility to reach users nearby to their physical locations.

RED BERRIES Digital enables marketersin Dubai to tap true ROI from ad spends over mobile search advertising via its high-end targeting tools and analytics.

Tap to maximize mobile search ROI here!


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Mobile Advertising

Make your business mobile in Dubai through Mobile Ads

To reach out to the always-on customer who moves between screens, we deliver mobile advertising solutions that move with them. RED BERRIES inspires marketers to utilise numerous possibilities over mobile marketing in Dubai.

Start Smart

We live in a world where a lot of people are ‘addicted’ to mobile. To reach them out via mobile ads, you need to crack that ‘code’. The code is to start smart. With masses responding favourably to mobile ads, it is on the businesses and the companies to give them a seamless mobile experience facilitating effective conversions.

Impress Instantly

Precise messaging, appealing visuals and a strategic clarity on call to action are the key components of an effective mobile ad. The TIP – work on mobile experience to impress the audience and earn desired ROI.

Streamlined Targeting

Go local is the magical chant empowering brands with the power to reach customers precisely. Targeting based on location; demographics can WIN big in mobile marketing arena.

Modes of Mobile Medium 

Search results, content websites, apps, videos – you name it and we have it. The scope of Mobile marketing is tremendous for the Dubai Internet Marketing Segment in the present day world.RED BERRIESDigital with its experience and expertise in mobile marketing enables the marketers across Dubai and Middle East derive its strategic advantages. The range of mobile advertising varies in the form of mobile SEO and paid campaigns, app creation and marketing.

Check out how to harness Mobile Advertising for business growth!


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Paid Search Advertising

Pay Per Click | Paid Search | Search Engine Marketing | Dubai, UAE

Reach out the visitors through Paid Ads to reach positive ROI

Want to capture the potent leads in the fiercely competitive SEO market? Paid Search Advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) is a viable answer for drive in highly relevant visitors to your website, increase revenues and generate more leads.

Securing profitable PPC campaigns can be a task, but not for RED BERRIES Digital. The paid ad experts here know how to gain the maximum traction of the allocated budgets. Even in the case of competitive markets like Dubai, we have the key to stay ahead through our professional keyword management solutions. This is our way to stay ahead of paid ad competition in UAE.

What we do?

Employ search to reach out the streamlined markets with our campaign management solutions and get maximum ROI.

How we do It?

Our foundations lay deep in the paid search campaigns and we’ve evolved with the same over the past 8 years. Over the course, we’ve developed the most cost-effective ways of letting people find your business and targeting customers in a seamless way.

Our Partnerships

We offer vantage point to our clients with our close association with search engines and tech specialists.

Creative Strategy

Thoughtful minds create ads based on analytics data to ensure great client success. More than keywords targeting, we monitor target behavior and customize our campaign’s messaging in real time to reach user effectively.

Check out how to Drive Results!


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