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What is SEO Audit?

In a world that’s harnessing the power of analytics and reporting tools, it has become imperative for brands and major groups to dig deeper into such relevant insights. SEO audit is one such way through which marketers can scan through the search engine rankings, conduct keyword research, traffic overview, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation as the world knows is a methodology of strategy and tactics used to improve traffic and high placement rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s). It is an ever evolving process that calls for regular efforts and reviews to regulate the favourable web presence.

Why we need SEO Audit?

SEO audit is like a health check-up for a website. With dynamic search engine algorithms updating / changing regularly, it has become a norm to synchronise the website’s SEO or become stale. The brands / companies willing to improve their digital presence choose the former, and hence, SEO Audit is fairly crucial for a website’s well-being in the long run.

SEO in UAE has grown leaps and bounds where marketers are shelling out thousands of dirhams annually for a website’s SEO. People here acknowledge the relevance of SEO in their business and the scope of SEO audit is inevitable in securing maximum digital footprints.

How often you should do SEO Audit?

Now, we know that SEO audit should be done on a website, but what should be its ideal frequency. At what intervals, a website should be audited? If these questions are troubling you now, then all you need is an expert touch of a SEO digital agency Dubai. Associating with them helps companies and brands attain a mutual journey of growth and profitability.

Usually, these digital agencies provide monthly, quarterly, half yearly and consolidated annual audits to showcase the journey of growth. These reports and analytics are measuring yardsticks to ascertain SEO’s productive and consistent run in digital growth.

Who to trust for SEO Audit Dubai?

Red Berries Digital is a trusted name for all SEO services and audits. The methodology, based on the technical and data grounding enables team Red Berries squeeze the maximum outcomes of SEO campaigns. The regular reports not just contribute to the bigger picture in terms of fulfillment of SEO goals, but also function in tune with the changing search engine algorithm updates.

Wish to channelise the process of SEO Audits for your business? Then you are just a step away from harnessing the power of SEO campaigns.


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Email Design and Build

Design And Build HTML E mailers & Newsletter in Dubai, UAE

What is the aim of email? What action do you want the user to take? How do you want them to react? What devices do they use? All of these factors are important in delivering a successful campaign.

It’s not only data and strategy that makes your email campaign a success. Each brand has a story to tell and email can be a great way to continue telling that story. It is important to carry through your brand look and feel and ensure that your brand is consistent across devices. At Redberries, we truly believe that email should have one key message, focus and one goal making it simply and easy to grasp for the user. That’s why we build emails as responsive, taking a mobile-first approach.


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Search Engine Optimization – SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist | SEO Consultant | SEO Expert | Dubai

Ranking your website on top for various search engines organically, doesn’t only give you more website visitors, but also helps your name to be recognized and recalled easily by users who are looking for products or services similar to the ones you provide.

There are many factors to be consider while optimizing your website. We at Red Berries make sure to follow the best industry practices to make your website highly optimized for Google and other major search engine platforms.

Some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services we provide are:


We audit & analyze what is your current SEO situation. We analyze all the keywords used, competitor keywords, technical implementation and localization of SEO.

Along with keywords, we also analyze website content, it’s structure and performance. We also assess your backlinks and notify you of negative backlinks (if any).

Technical Optimization

We perform a technical optimization based on your current situation which helps to increase website visibility on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). Technical optimization mainly concerns itself with indexing of the website pages. A well structured website sitemap will help increase ranking on search engines and make your products or services reach to the intended audience.

Local Optimization

SEO are meant for big entities to reach a large number of audiences. That isn’t the case anymore. With organic location specific targeting, we make your website visible to people who live near or within the region you are located in.We also backlink your website with popular local websites which in turn, gets more visitors to your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation for SEO. By targeting accurate keywords and phrases, you can achieve higher conversion rate and increase brand awareness. We tailor make our keyword research based on your products and services to offer you the most appropriate suggestions. We also customize keywords based on your industry trends, when needed.


Using various CMS platforms, SEO can be managed efficiently for E-commerce websites. Your target audience can directly purchase the products/services listed on your website by targeting audience through various SEO techniques such as long & short tail; exact phrase & broad match etc. This helps you gain a much more niche audience who are looking for exactly what you are selling.


If not managed properly, your website SEO can drop-off and your organic reach will start decreasing. This can happen due number of factors including but not limited to infrequent updation of website content, change or transferred domain name, unethical SEO practices (black hat SEO) and so on.

We at Red Berries not only optimize your website for search engines but also ensure that it stays relevant and at the top of organic search rankings.


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PPC Audit

Best PPC Audit Service In Dubai, UAE

PPC Audit – Check Where You Stand In UAE Search Engines

PPC is an evolving process. Being in the active competition in UAE affects the PPC campaigns like never before. So, before initiating a PPC campaign, PPC audit works as an eye-opener. It helps channelise the ad spends properly, gives you insights over competition. Plus, it also tightens the nuts and bolts of the ad campaign to improve the performance of your PPC account.

, look out for a dynamic digital agency  that can squeeze in maximum

What is the best time for PPC Audit?

Anytime can be the best time to conduct a PPC audit.

that’s right. Why do you think the idiom, do as Romans do is effective till date? Because you adapt to the culture, customs and the language of a location effectively. UAE being a melting-pot of various cultures has evolved with the times. Both English and Arabic work as official languages in the Gulf and MENA region. This calls for an obvious need for colloquial PPC campaigns.

What is Multilingual PPC?

Just as the name suggests, this pay-per-click ad campaign targets multilingual-masses for the success of the campaign. The multilingual PPC campaign holds more relevance in the Middle East markets, especially in a country like UAE where Arabic is the official language. The natives feel more comfortable in this language and it becomes more obvious and customary for marketers to use this language to reach this audience in a better way.

Why multilingual PPC?

Multilingual PPC is the best way to reach out the Arabic-friendly masses in their own language. It makes the digital marketing turf simpler for brands with accessible lead generation efforts. Studies show that bilingual marketing and messaging delivers better results in UAE than the marketing featuring English language.

Challenges in Multilingual PPC campaign

Multilingual PPC Campaign in UAE faces a lot of challenges in messaging front. Sometimes, in translation, the message gets lost. To avoid that, the messaging in both the languages should have a same essence, though the words may differ. This is one of the main reasons why brands and companies must partner with multilingual PPC agency for better conversions and assured ROI. REDBERRIES Digital, with an extensive experience of eight year in Middle East region has gained a mastery over bilingual campaigns. Book a consultation here.

Be Local, Go Global

Multilingual PPC management targets local as well as global traffic. The idea is to have the best of both the worlds. The core thought remains where best performing campaigns are projected in local as well as global search engines. Here comes the role of REDBERRIES Digital, a proactive digital agency in the region that offers proactive approach while managing bilingual ad campaigns. The campaigns run by the ad-experts are continuously monitored, updated and improved so as to derive the best results out of them.

Boost your search engine marketing results through multilingual PPC


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Persona – the First Step to Understand Customers Better

A Persona is not just a figment of imagination of some digital marketers, but a major clue to begin and sustain digital marketing activities. Based on the targeted user, a persona clarifies the hidden motives, dreams, aspirations and expectations of an ideal customer. The great thing about Persona Marketing is that it has the flexibility to support any campaign and understand the desired target audience’s attitudes in the best possible way. Say, for some, the persona can be a working woman, for others, the persona can be of a Chief Technology Officer.

Each variation in persona can help a marketer understand the target audience better. Naturally, they are modeled on real people and reflect their real time problems. Knowing the personas inside out facilitate the journey of brand-user alignment.

How Persona Marketing Works?

Persona Marketing holds an important spot in the digital marketing. Be it the creation of a website, an advertisement, or an emailer, Personas render clarity to the communication and make it effective in every turn. Knowing the persona’s behaviours lends an upper hand advantage to the marketers, who can reach out to these customers with the knowledge and ease the process of marketing to the masses.

Do Personas redefine the website’s UX?

UX or user experience is a journey that is designed by website design team for the users. Having clarity of Personas facilitate website development and define an engaging user journey via the use of information architecture. The thorough understanding of a user’s motives, aspirations and needs enable marketers to chart out the desirable experience.

How personas are designed?

Personas are defined and designed after researching and analysing the below-mentioned prerequisites. Demographic defines the basics like the geographic location of Target Audience, their education, income, geography, etc. Psychographics focuses on their opinions, values, interests, aspirations and lifestyles. Transactional aspect reveals customer insights via first-and third-party sales history and post-sale service records. Behavioural aspect captures the user response through data capturing via websites, mobile devices, social media, etc.

Red Berries – Making the Most of Personas in UAE?

Keeping in mind the immense advantages of personas in every facet of digital marketing, Red Berries Digital actively implements the use of Persona in generating favourable UX. Our digital designers in their pursuit of achieving highly favourable web designs blend the persona’s behaviors and goal descriptions with a context to create stories and engage the users.


Once, the clarity of personas is achieved, it becomes easy to bring productivity on digital marketing initiatives and achieve satisfying results.

At Red Berries, it is always a norm to dig deeper into the audience’s personas before beginning any digital marketing assignment. This ways, we try to reach the users in the most accurate way possible.

Leverage the Potentials of Personas and Succeed in securing a favourable User Experience Journey


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Measuring Campaign Performance

What is Digital Marketing Review?

Digital Marketing Review is one of the potent ways to track whether the money invested in Digital Marketing Campaign is reaping in effective returns or not. Through the latest tracking and analytics tools and monthly reporting, one can actually find out the productivity of digital marketing campaigns. These digital tools equip a marketer with interesting insights about customers, the campaign’s performance and digital returns on investments (digital spends) in a practical manner.

Which Parameters Constitute Digital Marketing Review?

Now, you know Digital Marketing Reviews are important. And it is a great possibility that your digital agency must be updating you with monthly reports and dashboard screenshots. But are they really important? What to look out for while understanding an Analytics report. Knowledge of the right metrics is really important in safeguarding a campaign’s interest. Let us look into the essential parameters of a Digital Marketing Review which vary as per different campaigns.

  • I. Check if your marketing objectives are met in terms of audience engagement and conversions. This helps in analysing if the campaign’s message is reaching the audience in the desired manner or not. If the results are not favourable, then there is a prominent need to relook into content strategy and do the essential changes as required.
  • II. Measuring Traffic Generationon your website / campaign’s landing page is an important tool for gauging the effectiveness of Google Ads, SEO, and PPC campaigns. The number of visits gives a perspective around how well a campaign is fetching returns. If campaign is performing good; then the visits will eventually increase, and if not, then there is a strong need to examine the comprehensive marketing strategy for the campaign performance.
  • III. In the lure of increase in traffic, we often we ignore ‘who isvisiting’ the website and that’s extremely important to know the visitor. Most analytics tools enable insights to measure the total number of new sessions to trace how many new visitors are there and how many are returning from a single IP address.
    IV. Conversion rate is also an important parameter in judging the ROI of digital media spends. But, if you think conversions are meant for sale, then there is a fact check required. Conversion goals include increased interactivity around a campaign or generating leads by filling out a form or commenting. Identifying and setting this goal in analytics helps in measuring these conversions. If your conversion rates are low, you’ll need to assess aspects of your website, including design, navigation, relevance, engagement potential and the checkout process.

To know more about intricacies of analytics and reporting, read more.

How to Set Digital Marketing Review for your business?

Still going with the guesswork while analyzing your customer insights! Then you are definitely in a need for a Digital Marketing Review. Studies have shown that genuine customer insights have dramatically improved the way to brand’s growth. Not only that, it has also enabled the marketers with solid understanding of customer behavior via user research and data analysis.

In every case, digital marketing review focuses on the brand at present and its futuristic vision to achieve success. The collated data helps us analyze user insights, channelize that data for improved user experience and create a solution. Wondering how to drive in the benefits of Digital Marketing Review for your brand! If yes, then we at REDBERRIES Digital are at your help.

Leverage the power of Analytics with Digital Marketing Review


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Display Advertising Planning

Display Advertising Planning – Ins and Outs

You can’t just wake up one day with a thought of initiating a Digital Campaign and things would fall in place. Ideally, there are many aspects that constitute a digital advertising campaign. Content Planning, Digital Strategy, Message and Positioning are a part of it. But the equally important aspect is Display Advertising Planning. Through this facet, we can actually amplify the messaging on the designated channels and ascertain fulfilment of Digital Goals.

Why Display Advertising Planning?

Planning a display advertising campaign is essential for two reasons – to identify digital goals and pave a roadmap to achieve digital success in terms of brand promotion and user engagement. Now, before you start treading the way to digital advertising in Dubai, you need to answer few questions.

1) Is my product / service available for my audience?

2) Is your target audience well defined in terms of personas?

3) Is the advertising justifying your product / service?

4) What would be the ideal response from a user point of view? Is he going to download an app, subscribe your service, fill in his details or purchase your product online?

5) Where will the user land after seeing an advertisement? – A Landing Page promoting Offer, Call To Action Page instilling immediate purchase.

6) Is the ad creative going to be a banner, flash banner, display ad, text only ad?

Display Advertising Planning UAE

In the competitive markets like UAE where opportunities to engage the target audience are abundant, the scope of Digital Advertising Planning in UAE is thriving. By adhering to the necessary procedures like Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Crisp Campaign Ideas, Media Planning and Meaningful Executions, REDBERRIES Dubai can help you generate the desired engagement and conversions. Our digital evangelists work in tandem with the clients, understand what they want and outperform their expectations through digital marketing reviews and campaign’s goal setting.

What’s Next?

After getting answers to these questions, you can actually design your display advertising planning in Dubai. To be precise, the exercise will guide you squeeze the maximum Return on Investments on digital spends. This is the crux of display advertising planning and this is what we follow at REDBERRIES Digital. Here, we partner with you over the digital hiking trail and help you realise the goals and potentials of digital advertising.

Make the most of Digital Marketing Planning in UAE


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Online Marketing Analytics

Online Marketing Campaign Tracking and Analysis, Dubai

WEB Analytics Configuration & Audit

A proper analytics set-up often determines whether an SEM campaign is successful or not. Google Analytics keeps developing and getting updated and it is important to stay up-to-date in order to utilize the software to full extent. Whether it is a blog or an e-commerce website, analytics play a crucial role in defining how to achieve your business goals. So I do both – configure an existing analytics account correctly or set up a new one for you and do its audit.

And as much as I am passionate about analytics, I am more about my clients. I take care of the complicated part and not swamp you with information in alien language, rather provide you with results in a clear manner which is easy to grasp.

Conversion Optimization & Tracking

By using sophisticated conversion tracking and optimization techniques, I help my clients deliver better user experience to the web visitors which in turn increases conversion rates. Listed here are the few steps that are part of the process:

  • Identify the areas to focus on in order to optimize user experience with simple metrics
  • Identify core audience groups and better understand them
  • Identify where the core audiences come from and how to utilize those with channel-specific strategies accordingly
  • Identify and optimize sub-optimal pages on the website
  • Design a user behavior flow that facilitates conversion
  • If you think this would help increase your conversion rates, you’re right.

    Get in touch for conversion tracking and optimization services.

    Heat Maps

    My clients who are not quite used to analyzing large amount of statistical data, I provide them with Heatmaps for their website performance which is a better visual report to analyze at a glance than a standard analytical report.

    Heatmaps lets you see how ‘popular’ the elements on a certain page are – what users are clicking on and interacting with the most. It is particularly useful for comparing elements that are given similar prominence on the page. If this is something you could use, I am here to help.


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