SEO for Industrial Automation Software Industry

A website is a platform where all the relevant information about an automation software company can be displayed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to rank websites higher on search engine platforms which increases brand visibility and lead acquisitions.

Organizations nowadays are looking for various software firms which can help to automate their factory operations which in turn saves their time and decreases operational cost. SEO helps your business to reach the right audience and increases website traffic.

SEO not only ranks your website higher on search engine platforms, but it also helps the brand to be recognized easily by organizations who are looking to automate their operations as the name remains on the first Search Engine Ranking Page (SERPs).

How can your business optimize websites for search engine platforms?

Researched Keywords:

While developing SEO for the website, various keywords are researched, analyzed and the commonly searched ones are used for the website content. Tools like Keyword Planner and Google Trends helps to locate as what are the keywords which are being used in relation to the industrial automation industry.

Using Technical Words:

Usage of jargon and industry words depends on what the users and their target audience are looking for. If the data shows that the users visiting the website are using technical words on search engines, more focus should be on those words for SEO purposes. If the data shows that day-to-day language is increasing the website traffic via search engines, then it’s appropriate to use such language for the website content and SEO.

Link Building:

Link building also helps industrial automation websites to put them on the digital map as any blog written by the company or press releases, which gets republished by another website which has a better quality score, needs to be backlinked to the website. This helps the search engine to find your website as a credible source of information and a trustworthy website to visit.

On-Page Optimization:

On-page optimization helps your website to be ranked higher than your competitors as there are labels assigned to each page, content type and images in form of meta title, meta descriptions, alt tags and so on. This helps the search engine to recognize what is the page exactly about and gives a detailed preview on the 1st page of the search engine.


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Advertising on Amazon: Your Go To Guide

What started as an online bookstore in 1996 from a garage, Amazon has now become the biggest online retailer in the entire world. Over the years, it has diversified and increased its service offerings such as providing cloud computing platform through Amazon Web Services, on demand streaming of TV Shows & Movies through Amazon Prime and much more.Amazon is also disrupting brick and mortar stores by opening partly automated convenience stores which do not have cashier at a checkout counter.

From small scale retailers and manufacturers to large MNC’s, everyone opts to sell their products through Amazon as it helps to cut the cost of the middle man and the product reaches directly to the consumer.

But selling the products is not enough. That’s why Amazon provides advertising services to ensure that retailers selling through their platform not only sell to consumers but also increase their revenue through repeat purchases.

Amazon provides following ways to promote a product and brand on its website:

Sponsored Products:

Sponsored products appear on the page with the organic postings when a customer searches for a product using the keywords relevant to the product they are looking for.

Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored Brand ads feature the brand logo of the company along with three of its products which are shown on the page when a user is looking for relevant products the brand is selling through targeting related search keywords.


Amazon gives an option to brands to build their own page on its platform via Stores. Brands can display all their products on the page and categorize them as well. It comes with pre-designed templates and easy drag and drop feature for various page builder elements.

Display Ads:

Display Ads on Amazon displays still images of a product and brand which appears on various Amazon-owned websites, devices, and network such as Amazon devices and websites like IMDb (owned by Amazon).

Video Ads:

Video ads by Amazon helps you to tell your brand story or display product demo on its websites, devices, and networks. Ads can be redirected to a product page on Amazon, brand’s website or any other link available on the public domain.

Custom Ads:

Custom ads are tailor-made advertising options provided by Amazon for their latest initiatives. Through live events and other digital placements, custom ads help to create an engaging way to connect with customers.

Amazon DSP:

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows access to exclusive Amazon audience though it’s portal. It helps you to reach to audiences on Amazon-owned websites and apps as well as leading publishers’ site via direct inventory access.

To know more about Amazon’s advertising services, click here


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15 Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation For Businesses In Dubai

Best SEO Services In Dubai | UAE | Elroy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a really common term in today’s digital era wherein everyone wants an online presence. SEO helps in making a website highly optimized to appear higher in the search results of various Search Engines, wherein Google, Yahoo, Bing are the biggest names. A Properly planned and developed strategy can help a website gain worldwide attention in a short span of time.

If you own a business with some digital knowledge, are planning to start a business or have offline presence but want an online presence too, then you should know the benefits of SEO. 15 of such benefits to any business are listed below. Let’s get started:

1. A highly optimized site appears at top of SERPs which leads to higher number of visitors visiting the site and noticing the business and brand more, thus building and enhancing brand awareness. This also helps improve a website’s time-on-site through higher click-through rates.

2. Being one of the most effective marketing strategies of all time, as attested by top Digital Marketers, it helps to make a website/business be visible to only those people who are actually looking for it, thus saving added cost on ads. And this in turn provides more qualified traffic than other marketing strategies which means only those people would visit you who will actually get something out of you and who will actually help you make business out of it.

3. A good SEO strategy helps bring in more leads, thus higher sales and consequently, increased traffic. If you are on top or on first page or are appearing for your business and/or product related searches, people will surely visit your website. If they’ll be impressed, then they might contact you and recommend others. Thus, a kind of referral program is created without adding further costs.

4. Website’s speed is improved because site’s load time affects ranking a lot. Even a 2 second delay can cost a business 4.3% of their sales. This helps in a better user experience and quality stay-time-on-website.

5. An SEO strategy if implemented well can help a business lead their market and be ahead of their competitors because they’ll have more visitors, increased sales and profits, and a flourishing business in return.

6. SEO improves mobile-friendliness of a website because Google, a widely used Search Engine, has incorporated mobile-friendliness as one of the parameters for improved ranking. This promotes easy navigation through the website and a better user experience.

7. SEO provides results in the very first year of implementation, lasting for several future years. So it is a long-term solution for generating organic traffic with even a decent strategy working well for users and small businesses both.

8. You get noticed in the discovery phase itself of customers so that they can consider you while “thinking of buying” as top three search results garner 60% of the entire traffic with 92% of searchers seeing you only if you are in top 10!

9. SEO gives higher ROI i.e. Return on Investment as trackable and quantifiable results are generated, covering even minutest of the business aspects for both current and future investment opportunities.

10. A good strategy helps build brand credibility because appearing higher in SERPs will entails trust among visitors and thus attracts them to visit more and recommend others.

11. You can also enjoy greater social media following as through your online business, they’ll land on your social media pages to browse and learn more about you. Thus, SMM comes handy with SEO!

12. Best part is property of segmentation, that is, segmentation by device, location, keywords, behavior etc. to target specific customers and to appear for desired results only. Thus eliminate the keywords, regions etc. for which you don’t wish to appear for, also called negative keywords.

13. Attract talent for your business without paying for recruitment or acquisition overheads. As people start searching for employment opportunities through GOOGLE FIRST! A good strategy equivalents great talent.

14. Besides being long-term, SEO is an ever growing strategy because it works, generates baffling results and is likely to be higher than the expenditure on online advertising.

15. Lastly, it promotes safety and security of a website as HTTPS entailed website ranks better because the S means secured. Shoo away those fraudsters and hackers.
Hope you learned a bit from a lot from what we could tell with the knowledge we have gained with experience and practical approach, though a lot more is in store! Happy reading readers!


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SEO for the Healthcare Industry In Dubai

Healthcare SEO | Healthcare SEO Services | Dubai | UAE | Elroy

Enhancing online presence is crucial for the healthcare industry as it bridges the gap for people seeking medical help and facilities which can provide the required treatment. The internet era has helped various healthcare providers to reach out to patients, directly.

SEO plays an important role for enhancing online presence as patients who would like to be treated, will go on to major search engine platforms and will click on websites or link which appear on top, organically.

From selling medicines online to providing treatment at a medical facility, SEO helps to increase online visibility by showcasing services to the right people from a click of a button.

Benefits of using SEO for medical services:

Mobile Friendly:

Patients nowadays browse websites from mobile more than laptops or desktops. SEO helps a website rank higher on search engines if it has been optimized for mobile. Best industry practices are undertaken to optimize the website for mobile.

Local SEO:

Local SEO helps to attract people within the area of the medical facility to visit the website and generate online traffic through it. Features like Google My Business, Google Maps & other local listing helps to increase awareness about services within the area of its operation.

Customized Keywords:

SEO has to be customized for each area of specialty. It has to be tailored depending on medical services being offered by researching and implementing such keywords. There is no one SEO solution which can be applied for all medical specialties.

Targeted Audience:

Patients visiting the website are explicitly looking for the services being offered. SEO helps to narrow down the audience by using features like broad, phrase and exact match which helps patients looking for service on the search engine to match with keyword implemented on the website.

Lead Generation:

SEO helps the website to increase its visibility and reach a highly targeted audience which has an intention to visit the medical facility. If the patient has a smooth experience while browsing the website, that might lead to a visit at the facility leading to customer acquisition.


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